Is it important to maintain the networks?

Yes it is important to clean / maintain the networks regularly. This can be done in mounted mode. With regular cleaning and removal of everyday dust, dirt and clogged pores in the net are avoided. See our entertainment guide.

How do I keep the nets clean?

All our products can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth or by rinsing with clean water (the latter only applies to outdoor mounted insect nets). See our entertainment guide. 

Can I install an insect net for a door / window myself?

Yes, the products have a light structure that provides easy installation. The assembly is handled in a simple way by assembling all four corners and then attaching the insect net to the window / door frame. See our assembly video and guide.

Do you have aluminum profiles in several different colors?

Yes, white (RAL 9016) which is the standard color, light brown (8003), brown (RAL 8014) and anthracite gray (7016).

Do you have the net in several different colors?

Yes, the net is available to order in the colors; dark gray which is standard color, light gray, and black.

Is it possible to order in other sizes and colors?

I, of course, can do that. You do it in a simple way by sending us an email with your measurements and wishes, and we will get back with the price and delivery time.

Can the insect net be placed outdoors?

Our products are for both indoor and outdoor use. 

Is there a warranty on the products?

Yes, a two-year warranty for manufacturing defects applies to all our products. If it is obvious that the product does not work due to external influences, no guarantee is given.